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What is EdLinwx

EdLinwx is a new web page editor tool. Like many code programers, that need a tool to edit his web pages in linux, and with the problem that the tools available are so small and don't have the power we need, we are developing a new tool EdLinwx, this is a DreamWeaver's like editor for linwx.

DreamWeaver is a powerfull editor from Macromedia but only are available for Windows and Mac. But we need this power in linux.

The EdLinwx is in planning development status. We start developping the 20/FEB/2003 in Lazarus that is needed to compile the program.

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If you are a Delphi/Kylix/Lazarus programmer, contribute with us, the EdLinux need all the help you can bring us. Join to the Mailing List or see the Documentation to know how to contribute.

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